2021 Retrospective

Happy New Years! 

This year was a huge leap forward for our small little label. We want to sincerely thank anyone who bought a cd, attended a show, or even listened to any of the music we released, your support means the world to us! 

When a new year begins, there is great curiosity and excitement about what you will do, the experiences you will have, and the hardships you will face. During these times of uncertainty, I find it best to reflect on what you have accomplished. This year that is now coming to an end was once filled with uncertainty. Now that we have lived through it, I wanted to share what the label has accomplished in the year 2021. 

The year started with me flying out to Pensacola, Florida to record a band some of my old friends had put together, called Feed Lemon. At this point, I had released my own production project Faded Ronin which marked the beginning of Cold Soul back in January 2020. The opportunity to record a live band was a huge deal for me and something I had always dreamed of doing. The fact that the band actually shreds was just the cherry on top. The recording process was very barebones and straightforward. The band tracked live in a living room, all mic'd up and fed directly into a Tascam Model 24. The album turned out to be very raw and soulful, a true delight to fans of underground punk and alternative records from decades prior. There is currently a vinyl pressing in the works, but it will take time due to a high demand to press vinyl records. We expect to have them available early next year, so be sure to keep an eye out! 

The second release this year will be the upcoming High Samurai, Vol. 2 by Faded Ronin. This is an instrumental lo-fi project that clashes real instrumental performances with sample and loop based recording techniques commonly found in hip-hop and electronica music. This project was recorded during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, with many of the moods and emotions felt at the time being captured by the sounds of the album. The chill atmospheric tones of the album are perfect for late night drives, study sessions, lounging, and literally any possible other occasion you could ever think of. Seriously, its good, you should check it out. 

In addition to this, me and the members of Feed Lemon are teaming up to bring you a new project called Galactic Beaver, a guitar driven album deep rooted in metalcore and other affiliated genres. With all of us having a deep love and passion for metal music, with many of us also playing in metal bands while growing up, we decided to take many of our old unfinished songs and riffs and rework them for a new project. It will feature old and new songs, and could possibly be the most brutal thing this label ever releases. I hope to deliver some new details on this soon!

Going into the next year, we hope to keep growing and release as much quality music as we possibly can. This year has really kicked this label off, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear what music we'll be releasing in the future!

Happy New Years! 





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