Feed Lemon

Feed Lemon is an alternative rock band based out of Pensacola, Florida. The group consists of longtime friends Braydon Sult (rhythm guitar, vocals), Anthony Brown (drums), Seth Williams (Bass), and John "JD" West (lead guitar). The band draws influences across a variety of genres; including but not limited to grunge, classic rock, heavy metal, progressive metal, folk, punk, and hardcore. 
The band continues to amass a steady local following while prepping up for their first major release, the self titled album "Feed Lemon". The album consists of 14 tracks that range from fast and heavy punk inspired tracks that only a grandmother could love, to chilled-out relaxed tunes that put the mind at ease. The album was recorded live by producer and multi-instrumentalist Brenden Gillis, in the casual environment of JD's living room. The album accurately captures the raw energy and spirit of the band, exactly the way people were intended to hear them. The versatility of the album speaks volumes, and there is genuinely something for everyone to love. 
Feed Lemon live 12/30/2021
📷: Andrew Velasco