Faded Ronin

Faded Ronin is a ghost production / virtual artist project started in 2020, with the goal of creating tracks with complete musical freedom without the creative restrictions and limitations faced by many artists in the current musical climate. Music can range from instrumentals to collaborative mashups with other artists. There are no limitations whatsoever on what this artist can create.
The debut release titled High Samurai, Vol.1 hit the shelves on January 1st, 2020, also being the first release for the label. The project blends elements from lo-fi, electronica, house, hip-hop, alternative rock, traditional Japanese, jazz, and many others to craft vibrant instrumentals. The sophmore album High Samurai, Vol. 2 released in December 2021, taking the project in a new direction by adding live instrumentation as opposed to the sample based music of the debut. Faded Ronin continues to work on new releases, and has a collaborative EP with label mate Zachx titled VITRA due to be relased in Fall 2022.