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Feed Lemon

Feed Lemon - Self Titled (Full Album)

Feed Lemon - Self Titled (Full Album)

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Feed Lemon is something the music industry has needed for a long time. It's raw, it's gritty, and above all else, it's got plenty of soul. When planning to record their debut album, the band opted to record the album with the band playing together live, to capture the natural raw energy the group is known for. The result is a refreshing and engaging listen that will have you thinking you're listening to one of the great rock bands of old, somehow lost to history. Featuring skillful song writing, mega-groovy basslines, masterful guitar work, and vocal screams that rock music has been sorely lacking, this album absolutely shreds. 

*this album contains explicit lyrics not suitable for all audiences 

Pressing Info

First Pressing 

140g Black vinyl / 1000

Track list:


1. Blackberry Jam

2. Petal

3. Falling Into Pieces

4. Electric Squid 

5. Blindly

6. Unplugged

7. Friends 


8. End It

9. Suffocate Happiness 

10. Kill Myself 

11. Animals 

12. Interlude 

13. Citric Acid 

14. Heatwave 

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