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Faded Ronin

Faded Ronin - High Samurai, Vol. 1 (Full Album)

Faded Ronin - High Samurai, Vol. 1 (Full Album)

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Faded Ronin is a virtual artist (similar to Gorillaz or Dethklok) debut project "High Samurai Vol. 1" delivers alternative and electronica musical styles to craft exceptional instrumental works that are both relaxing and engaging. If you enjoy instrumental artists such as Daft Punk, Nujabes, and Tycho to name a few, you'll be sure to appreciate this project. 

Track List:

1. Fortune Cookies 

2. Hydro Roaches 

3. Rokuyo 

4. Sakkusu 

5. Midori 

6. Hollow Moon Theory 

7. Kuso 

8. Shamisen

9. Yiga

10. Yojimbo 

11. Netsui 

Listen now and take a journey through a beautiful lo-fi dreamy landscape, filled to the brim with hip-hop flavored beats, jazzy pianos, and past propaganda pieces that fuse together and offer a heightening experience for casual listeners and seasoned music enthusiasts alike.

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